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To be an innovative leader in fluxes, you have to have an excellent knowledge of the markets. Only then a company can develop innovative solutions for existing challenges on the customer side. This applies not only to special products, but also to products in different areas of application, such as the fluxes from Emil Otto. Some of these can be used in electronics manufacturing, metal processing and inthe solar industry.In the mechanical connection and electrical contacting of solar cells to solar modules, the requirements are very similar compared to contacting in the electronics industry. Emil Otto’s products are high-performance alternatives to established fluxes that no longer meet the current requirements of the solar industry, such as in terms of process efficiency, purchasing costs, error reduction and minimization of ancillary production costs. These quality fluxes that can be used across all industries are only available from the innovation leader.

A genuine Emil Otto value.

Emil Otto ensures that our customers’ production processes continue to function, even in economically difficult times. Due to the development of a series of water-based fluxes, which we intensified about 5 years ago, we are now able to supply alternatives to alcohol-based fluxes.

Yes, we are also aware that switching to a different flux, regardless of the basic material used, always involves some effort on the customer’s side, right up to new audits and certifications. We actively support our customers and help them to modify their soldering systems. We gladly assist with advice and support.

Our water-based fluxes of the Green Line series can be used on all common spray flux and selective soldering machines. The soldering results are as good as with alcohol-based fluxes. Furthermore, the water-based fluxes have the following, additionally values:

  • No alcohol -> independent of market prices and supply chains
  • No alcohol -> no hazardous goods
  • No hazardous goods -> easy transportation
  • Easy transportation -> lower transport costs
  • No hazardous goods -> easier storage
  • Easier storage -> Lower storage costs
  • 30% reduction in consumption -> low consumption = cost savings
This has made us a reliable process partner, because we have alternatives in our portfolio that make your electronics production continue to function even in difficult times. A genuine Emil Otto value. 
A manufacturing process is only as reliable as its weakest link. This is why Emil Otto is also working on special flux solutions to stabilize and make every soldering process in electronics production more reliable. A good example of this is the flux cover used to coat the surfaces of component connections, which provides reliable, solderable protection. Especially for components that are difficult to wet, such as THT components with nickel-brass pins, the Flux-Cover ensures a good soldering result. The coating of component connections is applied by dipping the pins into the Flux-Cover. The subsequent wave soldering process can be carried out as usual, i.e. the selected parameters generally do not need to be changed. The Flux-Cover is compatible with all Emil Otto fluxes.
A good example why Emil Otto is a process stabilizerA genuine Emil Otto value.
Emil Otto’s goal is to minimize production processes for customers. For example: Emil Otto offers no-clean fluxes that do not require a subsequent cleaning process. This is achieved by ensuring that the materials we purchase are of high quality which, due to their quality, avoid subsequent cleaning processes. However, good preliminary products are only part of the story. Only through our own production and our own in-house test procedures can we develop and offer fluxes of the highest quality. This means that these fluxes lead to the best soldering results, which also minimises the post processing of the assembly.
This is why we are a process minimizer, our customers can eliminate or reduce individual process steps during their production.  A genuine Emil Otto value.
Emil Otto invests a lot of time to develop the best fluxes and cleaning agents for demanding tasks in its own laboratory. Because only reliable consumables guarantee reliable end products. Many of our customers manufacture end products that are of safety relevance, such as brakes, propulsion systems, camera systems, sensor systems and automation solutions. For these systems, reliability is the top priority. That is why we are constantly working on new and even better solutions in our laboratory. In doing so, we draw on the current know-how of our chemists as well as the formulations and experience we have gained in more than 100 years of company history.
These possibilities make us a reliability improver, and our customers and their product reliance benefit from this effort.   A genuine Emil Otto value.
Due to our research and development efforts, the materials used, the meticulous in-house production and centuries of experience, Emil Otto can offer high quality products. This product philosophy determines our daily actions, since it is expected by our customers. It also means that we work with partners who share the same philosophy, such as Feinhütte Halsbrücke GmbH. As a solder manufacturer, our Saxon partner works according to the same corporate and product philosophy as we do. High quality fluxes and solders, tailored to the customer process, result in an excellent, stable solder connection.
Because of this commitment and these partnerships, we are a quality maximiser for our customers. A genuine Emil Otto value.
Less rework, completely eliminated or reduced cleaning processes and our fluxes from the Multiflux series, which can be used for wave and selective soldering, hand and repair soldering and dip soldering, reduce our customers’ manufacturing costs. The same applies to our water-based fluxes or concentrates, which minimize transport and storage costs, as they are not hazardous goods. Emil Otto is always interested in keeping the costs for his customers as low as possible.
That is why we are a cost reducer who, due to our innovations, flexible research and development and high level of chemical knowledge, is always striving to find new cost-saving solutions for our customers. A genuine Emil Otto value.