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Drying-optimised cleaning agent for stencil cleaning
The new Etimol SW 25/FD RAN cleaning agent from Emil Otto GmbH is drying-optimised and has been [...]
Technology novelty: reduced potential for defects thanks to uniform activator system for water- and alcohol-based fluxes
The use of different fluxes often harbored a potential for defects due to cross-reactions. In [...]
Emil Otto increases its involvement in the solar industry
Looking at the development and production of fluxes over the last decades, they are mainly used [...]
Full stock of disinfectants at Emil Otto
Assuming the corona situation could become critical again in this autumn, Emil Otto has taken [...]
Emil Otto expands portfolio of concentrates with multifunctional liquid concentrate
The product category flux concentrates of the German flux manufacturer Emil Otto now includes [...]
Emil Otto expands product line of alcohol based GSP fluxes
The GSP flux series has been an important part of Emil Otto’s product portfolio for [...]
Emil Otto introduces hybrid flux with 15% alcohol content
The Hessian flux specialist Emil Otto introduces the new hybrid flux EO-Y-014, a versatile [...]
Emil Otto expands the product range of disinfectants
In early April, Emil Otto GmbH presented the hand and surface sanitizers for the first time. [...]
Increase in demand for water-based fluxes
Due to the corona virus, the situation remains critical regarding the supply of alcohol-based [...]
Shortage of alcohol-based fluxes due to corona virus – Emil Otto has alternatives to ensure production
The spreading corona virus also affects the production of alcohol-based fluxes for electronics [...]
Emil Otto develops flux cover for surface protection
Emil Otto has developed the Flux Cover PFS-001 for the surface protection of component [...]
Emil Otto launches additional flux concentrates
Since the introduction of the flux concentrates, the product line has continued to develop well [...]
Emil Otto presents additional flux paste for repair work
The Hessian flux specialist further expands its portfolio of flux pastes for special [...]
Emil Otto and Feinhütte Halsbrücke have agreed on cooperation
Emil Otto GmbH and Feinhütte Halsbrücke GmbH will support each other in sales and product [...]
Emil Otto presents extended range of assembly cleaners
In addition to Etimol DFX 80 CA, the Hessian flux and cleaning agent manufacturer presents a [...]
Emil Otto presents new fluxing agent EO-B-013 at the SMTconnect
As in the past years the Hessian flux manufacturer will introduce a new flux at the SMTconnect [...]
Emil Otto expands range of alcohol-based fluxing agents
The portfolio of multifluxes is expanding with the EO-B-010 flux. The flux can be used in the [...]
Emil Otto further expands its product portfolio of alcohol and water-based fluxing agents
The German flux manufacturer Emil Otto GmbH expands its product range of alcohol and [...]
Emil Otto launches new Flux Remover onto the market
Emil Otto expands the range of assembly cleaning agents with a manually applied medium for the [...]
Flussmittel GSP-1833
Rising demand for GSP-2533/RX flux
Emil Otto GmbH, the manufacturer of GSP-2533/RX flux, has succeeded in increasing sales of the [...]
Emil Otto introduces fluxes for the solar industry
In addition to flux products for the electronics industry and mechanical engineering, German [...]