The new Etimol SW 25/FD RAN cleaning agent from Emil Otto GmbH is drying-optimised and has been specially developed for SMT stencil washing systems that have no or insufficient heating or drying.

“Our customers who use older, fully automatic stencil washers asked us for a cleaning agent that is optimised with regard to drying after the washing process,” explains Markus Geßner, Marketing and Sales Manager at Emil Otto GmbH. Since older stencil washers often contain no or only insufficient drying options, these customers were looking for other ways to speed up the drying process. “With our Etimol SW 25/FD RAN, we can now offer these electronics manufacturers the right product,” says Geßner.

The new cleaning agent is clear, colourless to slightly yellow and can be used immediately. It has a shelf life of 36 months. The water-based and pH-neutral cleaning agent efficiently removes residues of lead-containing, lead-free or so-called no-clean solder pastes as well as SMT adhesives from SMT stencils. The pH-neutral formulation has excellent compatibility with common stencil materials. “The innovative formulation achieves high bath loading values compared to standard cleaners, so that the intervals between bath changes can be significantly extended and the amount of waste produced for disposal can be reduced, in some cases considerably,” Geßner continues.