Eltville, April 21, 2015


Since we individually customise our products, customers often ask us for ecological and sustainable products. As a sustainability-minded company we have taken this into account. As a result we have broadened our development efforts and concentrated on the development and production of ecological fluxing agents.
Our focus was not just on a sustainable end product, but also on environmentally sound production and simplified transportation. Our Green Line products are water-based and therefore fully biodegradable. They are therefore not classed as hazardous goods and do not harm the environment. Green Line products are not dangerous, do not contain hazardous substances and can therefore be transported, handled and stored in the normal way. Simple, conventional storage represents a significant benefit to our customers.
The products of the Green Line series contain fluxing agents for wave soldering. All fluxing agents can be used with the production systems currently on the market. The soldering results correspond to those achieved using alcohol-based fluxing agents. There is therefore no reason for you not to make the transition to ecological, water-based fluxing agents.
We are happy to help you find the right product for you eco-friendly and sustainable production.