The GSP flux series has been an important part of Emil Otto’s product portfolio for several decades and has become one of the top sales products. With the new GSP fluxes, the performance spectrum as well as the shelf life of the flux product line has been enhanced once again.

“We have improved the new fluxes GSP-2633/RX, GSP-2633/RX/OVAP, GSP-2933/RX and GSP-2933/RX/OVAP once again in significant areas. All four fluxes can also be used in selective soldering. They have passed our internal company test with flying colours and have a shelf life of 12 months”, Markus Geßner, Marketing and Sales Manager of Emil Otto GmbH, describes the new products.

The new GSP fluxes GSP 2633/RX and GSP 2933/RX as well as the respective OVAP versions are alcohol-based no-clean fluxes. Furthermore, the fluxes consist of a di-carboxylic acid activator complex and synthetic resin. All fluxes are versatile and were developed for selective and wave soldering as well as for dip soldering and strand tinning. The RX versions can be applied using both the spray and foam flux methods. The latter is not possible with the RX/OVAP fluxes.