Eltville, April 04. 2016

Emil Otto GmbH will exhibit at this year’s SMT again. Besides a series of innovations, among them a product launch, the company will also be celebrating its 115th anniversary. However new developments in existing product categories will also be introduced.

Emil Otto GmbH will travel to Nuremberg with a series of new developments. The soldering flux manufacturer from the Rheingau will introduce a new product right in the area of environmentally compatible, selective soldering. ‚The product is being presented at the trade fair for the first time. Just so much — we’re going to present a technical premier that brings many new benefits for the customer with it right in selective soldering‘, says Markus Geßner, authorized signatory at Emil Otto GmbH.

But Emil Otto will also introduce new products among the multi-flux fluxes to the professional public. ‚Our customers kept asking us whether we couldn’t develop fluxes for the most varied application areas‘, explains Geßner. Particularly small mid-sized companies express this desire, because they want to deploy a uniform flux for as many soldering processes as possible. So Emil Otto has already introduced EO-B-001, EO-B-002, and EO-B-003 fluxes from the multi-flux series to the public at productronica 2015. Additional multi-use fluxes now follow with EO-B-004, EO-B-005, EO-Y-001, and EO-Y-002.

Emil Otto is thus expanding its product range for flexibly applicable fluxes. ‚Our goal is to have a suitable flux in the product range for every customer group, because many of our customers have developed from small companies to mid-sized operations over the years. We’d like to grow with our customers, so it’s important for us to be able to offer broad product range‘, explains Geßner.

Emil Otto isn’t just pursuing this strategy with its own fluxes. In addition to these products, Emil Otto meanwhile offers a broad range of products for packaging and connection technology. Thus cleaning media and SMD adhesives are present in the product range in addition to solders and solder pastes. With a wink Geßner leaves the extent of further collaborations with renowned manufacturers open to demand.

Emil Otto is located in hall 7A at booth 505.