German flux manufacturer Emil Otto has been offering the Green Line product group for more than three years. Green Line contains all of the fluxes that are water-based and thus environmentally friendly. This product group is now being expanded with two additional new developments.

The water-based EO-G-002 and EO-G-003 fluxes can be used during wave and selective soldering. Their water base renders these fluxes environmentally friendly and non-combustible. ‚The solder-relevant properties of both fluxes are comparable to those of alcohol-based fluxes. This especially applies to soldering results in the areas of rise-through and wetting.‘ explains Markus Geßner, marketing and sales manager at Emil Otto GmbH.

The two fluxes differ in solids content and in their ingredients. Thus EO-G-002 exhibits a solids content of 3% whereas EO-G-003 has a 3.3% solids content. Moreover, EO-G-002 contains synthetic resin, which clads of the residues on the circuit board. This cladding prevents the residues from being able to return to a solution during large temperature changes or elevated air humidity. Leakage currents and short circuits are thereby prevented if the circuit board is not cleaned after the soldering process.

Neither flux is combustible, so they are not classified as hazardous material and consequently have no legal restrictions on transport, storage, or subsequent handling in production. Transport and storage costs thus diminish since storage in premises without explosion protection is possible. Use of the flux in production is likewise simplified, because neither special handling nor employee training with respect to the use of hazardous substances is necessary.

Both EO-G-002 and EO-G-003 exhibit a wide process window with strong thermal stability. Moreover, water has properties as a solvent that positively influence the soldering process. Consumption lies below the values for alcoholic fluxes, depending on the process. The circuit boards are visually clean after the soldering process because only the most minute residues remain behind.

The two new products are also marketed under the ‚Green Line‘ label. Application is accomplished using spray fluxing. All Green-Line fluxes can be used on soldering systems known in the market. A switch to ecological, water-based fluxes is thus possible for all customers without further ado. ‚We have a series of customers who have meanwhile successfully switched. One of the leading German EMS companies, which produces for the automotive industry, is using one of our water-based flux for more than 10 years, reports Geßner.