In addition to Etimol DFX 80 CA, the Hessian flux and cleaning agent manufacturer presents a new assembly cleaner for direct application on printed circuit boards: Etimol DFX 81 RAA. Both PCB assembly cleaners can be used for removing flux residues and ionic contamination.

“Our customers are increasingly interested in removing various kinds of residues after the manufacturing process of an assembly,” says Markus Geßner, Marketing and Sales Manager at Emil Otto GmbH. In addition to flux residues, the focus is also on ionic contamination of the assemblies. “Both types of contamination mean that subsequent processes, such as conformal coating, cannot be carried out reliably,” continues Mr. Geßner. Therefore, the cleaning process and the cleaning agent used play an increasingly important role.

The alkaline cleaning concentrate Etimol DFX 80 CA has been part of Emil Otto’s product range for some time now. It is a cleaning agent which has been adapted to the requirements of electronic assemblies and has an efficient cleaning effect, excellent rinsing properties and high bath loading capacity. Based on Etimol DFX 80 CA, the ready-to-use product mixture Etimol DFX 81 RAA was developed, which can be used for immediate, direct application on the printed circuit board. Both cleaning agents can replace corrosive chemicals in a process-optimized manner and thus achieve a higher degree of occupational safety and environmental protection. Neither the concentrate nor the finished mixture are hazardous goods, which simplifies product storage and shipping, which can therefore be carried out more cost-effectively.