Following introduction of the new alcohol and water-based fluxes, the German flux manufacturer is also bringing a new hybrid flux to the market.

‚EO-Y-003 is a hybrid flux containing as little as 10% alcohol. So it’s very nearly a water-based flux already with very good soldering results and quite a clean circuit board‘, explains Markus Geßner, marketing and sales director at Emil Otto GmbH.

EO-Y-003 has almost all of the properties of water-based fluxes. It’s economical, low-consumption, and easy to manage in terms of transport, storage, and handling. In contrast to water-based fluxes, it’s low alcohol content renders it frost resistant enabling it to be transported and stored quite well in winter.

EO-Y-003 exhibits a high 3.3% solids content. It was developed for used in wave and selective soldering and thereby possesses a very broad range of uses. The soldering properties are very good, particularly with rise-through and circuit-board wetting. The process window is very broad with great thermal stability. Practice has shown that with proper application, the washing of circuit boards soldered with this flux can be largely dispensed with. The circuit boards are visually clean.

EO-Y-003 is available immediately in standard container units.