Eltville, 30.03.2016

Solvency is the focus of customer relationships in rare cases. This point often fades into the background and remains unnoticed in companies having a very good solvency index and exhibiting a low failure rate. However it’s precisely these parameters that can be assessed as proof of reliability and long-term stability. A very good solvency index has now been certified for Emil Otto GmbH.

The certification by Creditreform fills Markus Geßner, authorized representative at Emil Otto GmbH, with pride: ‚However it’s very important for our customers to have a long-standing, stable partner at their side that reliably supports and supplies them. That’s why we strive for continual improvement internally as well as externally. We’ve now carried out the certification process with Creditreform in order to be able to demonstrate this to our customers too‘

Emil Otto GmbH belongs to the approx. 1.7% of German companies for which extraordinarily good solvency has been certified to date. Solvency ranking as well as internal structures play a decisive role for the certification. Exactly this has been significantly modernized and adjusted in recent years at Emil Otto GmbH. ‚Such changes can only be accomplished as a team. So I would also like to thank our employees as well as our customers for the trust shown over the years‘, explains Geßner.