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EO-B-010B (Multiflux)

Flux for wave- and selective soldering processes
with halogen-free activators, - WEEE /RoHS-compliant (OSP-compatible) 
ISO-9454: 1231 // DIN EN 61190-1-1: L0 (REL0)

Packaging units:
Canisters with 5 and 20 liters - larger containers also possible
metering pen
metering bottle
Application area: Wave- and selective soldering, manual- and repair soldering, dip soldering
Appearance/smell: colourless pale yellow, clear liquid
Solids content: 2,6% Gew.-% (wt.-%)
Density at 20 °C: 0.793 (+/- 0.003) g/ml
Acid number: 17–21 mg KOH/g
Activators: di-carboxylic acids, synthetic resin complex
Solvents: short-chain alcohols
Flash point: 12 °C
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Recommendations for the processing of this flux:

This flux is very versatile in use, OSP-compatible, good results have been achieved with manual-, wave- and selective soldering. The general rule, to apply as little flux as possible, is also applicable for this product. Spray fluxing: With the dosing option quantify the flux, first set to 30-40 ml/min., observe the even distribution of flux on the circuit board (if necessary test with heat-sensitive paper) and then adjust to the optimal quantity. Preheating: With “simple” circuit boards a preheating temperature of 80-110 °C is recommended on the top side of the circuit board, with “more complex” boards a temperature of 100-130 °C. It can be used both in solder systems containing lead as well as lead-free solder systems.


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