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EO-Flux-Dosing bottle EO-RF-G002, Plus EO-Compact-Flux-Pen

Flux for REWORK, HANDLING and SELE CTIVE processes
Halide free activators
ISO-9454: 2231
DIN EN 61190-1-1 (J-STD 004) IEC: ORL0 “NO CLEAN”

Packaging units:
8 ml
50 ml
5 and 20 litres
Application area: Selective soldering, manualsoldering
Appearance/smell: Colorless - amber coloured, clear liquid
Solids content: 3,9 – 4,1 % Gew.-% (wt.-%)
Density at 20 °C: 0,797 (+/- 0,003) g/ml g/ml
Activators: Carboxylic- and dicarboxylic-acid-complex / Activator system from FLUX EO-G-002 (#6015)
Solvents: Alcohol and special additives
Flash point: 12 °C
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These fluxes have been specially developed for the REWORK-, HAND SOLDERING- and SELECTIVE SOLDERING – PROCESSES.
EO-RF-G002 contains the activator system of our proven water-based flux: EO-G-002; EO cat.-no. 6015.


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