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EO-Flux-Dosing bottle FF-110, Plus EO-Compact-Flux-Pen

EO-Flux-Dosing-Bottle FF-110, Plus EO-Compact-Flux-Pen (3 ml, not filled), No-Clean electronic flux 5.8% solids, hand soldering, SMD soldering & strand tinning, 50 ml contents, dosing needle made of Teflon

Packaging units:
Application area: Hand soldering, rework, fine pitch and SMD soldering
Appearance/smell: yellow up amber colored clear liquid
Solids content: 5,5 Gew.-% (ca. 44 g/l), more than 50% of which is resin Gew.-%
Density at 20 °C: 0,800 (+/- 0,005) g/ml
Acid number: 25,0 - 28,0 mg KOH/g mg KOH/g
Activators: Di-carboxylic acids
Solvents: Isopropyl alcohol
Flash point °C: 12
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  • Alcohol based flux for hand and rework soldering with halogen free activators and resin content (WEEE/RoHS compliant) Type 1.2.3.A according to ISO 9454. Solids content 5.8 %.
  • Excellent for hand soldering, rework, fine pitch and SMD soldering
  • Very clean solder joints, low flux residues, high surface resistivity (SIR) after soldering. Test passed according to in-house standard, thus lower risk with flux residues
  • Precise flux placement on PCB contact holes using EO-Flux-Dosing-Bottle, dosing needle: 0.5 inch, diameter: 0.51 mm.  Well suited for hand soldering and re-soldering of wired components (bottle refillable).
  • Filling the EO Compact Flux Pen (left-hand thread) is extremely easy using the dosing bottle. It could not be simpler. The EO-Compact-Flux-Pen is well suited for hand soldering, rework, fine pitch and SMD soldering

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