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EO-Flux Pen FA-4004

Low-solid flux specially developed for selective
soldering processes without halogenated activators
Type 2.2.3.A according to ISO 9454

Packaging units:
Plastic sleeve with pressure metering system with 8 ml volume, available in PE-pouch of 10 pcs. (minimum purchase)
Application area: Manual- and repair soldering
Appearance/smell: Colorless, yellowish colored, clear fluid
Solids content: 3.5 Gew.-%
Density at 20 °C: 0.797 (+/- 0.003) g/ml
Acid number: 24–27 mg KOH/g
Activators: di-carboxylic acids
Solvents: Alcohol mixture
Flash point °C: 12
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The EO Flux-Pen allows spot-on application of flux on PCBs. EO Flux-Pen consists of a cartouche- a special pressure dosing system with felt tip and a closing cap. The flux is kept in the cartouche and is applied with the felt tip. The special pressure dosing system allows thorough, pointed flux-application.

This low-solid flux has been developed specially for wave- and selective-soldering processes. The EO-Flux Pen FA-4004 can be applied via dip, stamp, or drop-jet application. Despite the low solid content of 3.5%, adequate activity is achieved, even for lead-free solders. Furthermore, the EO-Flux Pen FA-4004 contains a corrosion inhibitor.

Customer added value

  • Good wetting and evaporation
  • Good soldering properties
  • Broad process window
  • Transport- and storage-safe even in winter
  • Test under ‘house standard’ passed, thus low risk of flux residues
  • Broad application possibilities
  • Easy handling
  • No spilling and dripping of the flux while using
  • Fast and cost-efficient rework
  • Flux with low solids content

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