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Cleaning agents

Etimol SUC 61 RAN

Stencil underside-wiping during printing process

Packaging units:
5 l / 20 l plastic can
Application area: Underside cleaning in stencil printer
Appearance/smell: colorless to slightly yellow, clear
Application: ready-to-use
ph-value: neutral
Density at 20 °C: 0.965 +/- 0.005 g/cm³
Boiling point/boiling range: >100 °C
System: Waterbased
Flash point: 61 °C
Operations temperature: Room temperature
Reliable cleaning results with: Leaded, lead-free, no-clean solder pastes, SMT-adhesives
Durability: 36 month
Storage conditions: Ideal in original packaging at 10°C–25°C
Transportation: Non-DG


Application notes:
The water-based, pH-neutral cleaning medium efficiently removes residues of solder pastes containing lead, lead-free or so-called No-Clean solder pastes as well as of SMT adhesives from the underside of the stencil. After the printing process, Etimol SUC 61 RAN optimally wets both the cleaning roller or the cleaning fleece as well as the underside of the stencil, so that constant high and qualitatively reproducible cleaning results are achieved.

The innovative homogeneous formula and the optimized evaporation properties grant reliable process stability, printing repeatability and defined solderpaste printing sharpness. Depending on the printer model and manufacturer the cleaning medium is either filled undiluted directly into the reserve tank of the stencil printer at room temperature or aspirated directly from the delivery drum.

Consider approvals of equipment manufacturer!

Customer benefits:
Efficient removal of solder paste and SMT-adhesive residues from stencil underside grants repeatable and stable cleaning steps which help to achive highquality printing results. The waterbased formulation combines high flashpoint and work safety level and helps to eliminate flammable solvents from within the production area.


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