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Flux paste based on synthetic resins, halogen-free
(WEE/RoHS conformant)
Type // RELO acc. ISO 9454 // DIN EN 61 190-1-1

Packaging units:
syringes with 5 or 10 ml, cartridge
Application area: Manual-, repair- and dip soldering, special applications, suitable for SnPb and Pb-free alloys
Appearance/smell: pasty, bright orange/red (UV light), mild
Solids content: solid substances over 30 Gew.-%
Density at 20 °C: 0.9–1.0 g/ml
Activators: synthetic resins, carboxylic acids, halogenfree
Flash point °C: >80
Viscosity (DIN EN ISO 3219): 27
Viscosity (DIN 51810-1): start: 3.460 / end: 2.733
Durability: 12 months
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The soldering flux paste NEO-CORDYN Orange UV is a paste-like electronic soldering flux. It can be used for all types of manual and repair soldering. The method of application is dependent on the process, with manual soldering it can be dosed directly with the syringe. In addition, the soldering flux paste is suitable for dip tinning as well as special applications. The processing of the soldering flux paste can be done with the aid of hot air or soldering irons but also with MINIFLOW – soldering tips.

Customer added value:

  • Very good soldering properties (capillarity, wetting)
  • Broad process window (very high thermal stability, high activity over a long interval)
  • Excact dosage
  • No separation
  • Flux residues visible under UV light
  • VOC-free

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