Emil Otto GmbH, the manufacturer of GSP-2533/RX flux, has succeeded in increasing sales of the flux in recent weeks. This was preceded by its distribution partners’ announcement that the latter would no longer offer GSP-2533/RX flux. Emil Otto will continue to manufacture and offer the flux in containers of various sizes.

GSP-2533/RX involves an alcohol-based, no-clean flux developed for wave soldering. The activators consist of di-carboxylic acids with synthetic resins. “Partial revenues were realized through one of our distribution partners who, quite surprisingly from our perspective, removed the flux from the product range”, according to Markus Geßner, Marketing and Sales manager at Emil Otto GmbH. A positive surprise followed quickly on the heels of the initial annoyance about this step because demand for the flux rose palpably. “Many users have gone on a search for the flux and found their way its actual manufacturer via our website. Naturally we’ll continue to produce, bottle, and offer GSP-2533/RX, thereby guaranteeing the long-term security of our customers’ supply”, Gessner insured.

Regardless of the respective system type, quite good soldering results pertaining to rise-through and wetting are realized with GSP-2533/RX. “We’ve already had the flux in our product range for a long time and don’t plan to stop manufacturing it, because it’s proven itself in the market. For instance, the flux has set standards in the context of the transition to lead-free soldering”, explains Geßner. The process window is broad, with very great thermal stability and good process activity over a large time interval. The cleanliness here is also very good. As a wave-soldering flux, GSP-2533/RX is suitable for foam and spray fluxing so that it can also be used in older systems. The storage life is six months. Practice has shown that with proper application, the washing of circuit boards soldered with this flux can be largely dispensed with.

Emil Otto offers GSP-2533/RX in containers of various sizes. All ordered quantities are available from drum fillings up to 20 L, 10 L, 5 L, and 1 L containers. “No GSP-2533/RX user need switch to a different flux. We’re flexible with the purchase quantities and can also offer the flux as a concentrate. A switch is also unnecessary from the technical perspective, because the flux is state-of-the-art”, according to Geßner. However, should a company consider a general change in the flux used due to the distribution partner’s withdrawal, Emil Otto GmbH will gladly advise and present alternatives from the comprehensive portfolio.